Yay! You made it! You found this space. Where Love abides with God’s good grace. Where peace prevails. Where Spirit sails. Where kindness lives and hearts forgive. Where...

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I didn’t think I could do it. Become a Christian author. I mean, just how do you write about God?

Answer: with His help and grace.

It took years. It was getting too personal. God patiently encouraged me and somehow let me know I was to do it anyway. He never said His way was easy. He spoke about His yoke being easy. Yoke means together.

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ONE SHEET Chris Manion.comThis Servant 

I love speaking! With a background in theatre and a voice that many say they could listen to for hours, I thoroughly enjoy sharing these and other gifts God has given me. It makes me happy and energized. My teacher’s heart always finds new things to learn and pass along. Ask me to present what I’ve learned lately, and what God has put on my heart for others. God teaches us anew every day.

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I’m beyond thrilled with the response to my book. — God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul. “It’s real insight into living life in the light.” Marion Roach Smith.

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One of her strengths

“One of her strengths is that she writes with humility and literary sophistication.”

Editor Suzanne Kingsbury


One of the wisest women I know

“Chris is one of the most positive and wisest women I know. She’s spent her entire career (before writing) teaching and empowering others. Her energy and enthusiasm for life and for her Creator oozes out of her pores!”

Missy Kistemaker,

Independent Advanced Director

The Pampered Chef

She helped me find my faith

“She helped me find my faith during difficult times.”

Naomi Znaomi_zucarrouccaro, Naperville, IL



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