Meet Chris

Welcome! I hope you’ll find respite. May some Irish humor and divine grace encourage you on your journey to Him Who loves you. Look around and enjoy.

I’m the oldest of six children raised in Pittsburgh, PA and a perennial student of all things that fascinate me. I took up the cello three years ago when I retired from my direct selling business. I enjoy bringing Holy Communion to our parishioners who cannot get to Mass and playing guitar at a local prison.

I’ve been married to the love of my life for over forty years. He gives balance and amazing love through the grace of God to me and our two wonderful adult children and their families. We enjoy spoiling our grandchildren.

I like to write how faith sustains me. Catholic liturgies with their rich signs, symbols and apostolic history provide me with a deep source of nourishment, mystery, and strength. It hope I can inspire and support you on your journey. As you read my blog, please share a comment and send us all a little ripple from your life.

Like Solomon, I prayed for the gift of wisdom (more on that in my memoir, God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul) and God seems to have granted that at times.  Whatever gifts He’s given me, I wish to share them with you. My teacher’s heart loves to pass along what I learn. I can’t help myself! I write mostly to figure things out. Words are my paint and clay, the cloth I weave, the song I sing.

My stories, poetry, and blog posts have been featured in Northwest Florida Daily News, Catechist Magazine, Pasticcio Quartzine, and Spirit & Life magazine. I hope to meet you on a book tour or book signing soon or simply on the page.



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