Blue Key

Posted by on Sep 25, 2011

I just found out about this wonderful organization that helps ostracized people, refugees in the world. Perhaps you felt that way once. Were homeless, isolated, treated unfairly, treated violently. I’ve had minor episodes with threats of violence but was never seriously hurt and never displaced. I can only imagine the psychological and emotional upheaval…

Right now, more than 43 million refugees are displaced by war, violence or persecution. That’s nearly the combined populations of New York and Texas. At UNHCR, more than 6,000 staffers around the world help open doors for refugees worldwide and have been doing so since 1951.

Won’t you join me by getting your own Blue Key? It’s only $5. You’ll tell them you support their life-saving work, and stand in solidarity with the other citizens, celebrities and world leaders who do so.



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