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Chris Manion

Speaker author Chris Manion


I almost fell to my knees after delivering THIS speech.  My mother had died three months earlier. It took me forever and some help from my beloved husband to write the speech that would express in six minutes what took sixteen years to achieve. Thousands stood before me. I knew it was a rare teaching moment. Drawing on energy reserves that seemed to come from my toes, my knees buckled as I walked off the stage, completely spent, and at peace that I’d given all I had.

Some said it felt like they’d been to a retreat. I saw many tears in the reception line. We had felt grace, for surely the presence of the Lord was with us all that day. That is my prayer for all speaking engagements to which I commit: that we fulfill Jesus’ deep prayer to His Father that we all be one. It starts with open minds and open hearts.

The parable of the talents has been a deeply felt calling for more than thirty years. To use all the talents God has given me to the best of my ability makes me joyful and satisfied. Sharing my story, my writing, my prayer life is one way to use those talents with Jesus and His Father dwelling within me.


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