Impressive Pan Fried Feta with Red Pepper Salsa

Impressive Pan Fried Feta with Red Pepper Salsa

Posted by on Nov 6, 2010

I made this impressive appetizer recipe for a crowd last night and if I hadn’t grabbed the first bite to make sure it was seasoned properly, I wouldn’t never have gotten any! This recipe always goes like hotcakes,it’s that good. I’ll email it to you if you request a copy…

It’s healthy, easy, delicious and fast. A jar of roasted red peppers is chopped and cooked down with some olive oil, garlic, a secret Greek rub, and parsley. The feta cheese is sliced horizontally, dredged in flour, tapped off, and pan fried 3 minutes in a little olive oil. Garnish with pine nuts and sliced kalamatta olives. very yummy!

Now, I’m off to make the Sweet Potato Cake (see Dec. 09 post for recipe) substituting pumpkin for sweet potato. Gonna be another yummy night!

Happy cooking!



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