Posted by on Aug 23, 2012

Living Our Passages Well

I love this simple, thought-provoking reflection by Henri Nouwen.  What passage are you going through at the moment?
Death is a passage to new life.  That sounds very beautiful, but few of us desire to make this passage.  It might be helpful to realise that our final passage is preceded by many earlier passages.  When we are born we make a passage from life in the womb to life in the family.  When we go to school we make a passage from life in the family to life in the larger community.  When we get married we make a passage from a life with many options to a life committed to one person.  When we retire we make a passage from a life of clearly defined work to a life asking for new creativity and wisdom.   
Each of these passages is a death leading to new life.  When we live these passages well, we are becoming more prepared for our final passage.



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