Pizza on the Grill, pa-leeze!

Posted by on May 10, 2011

I have a new love: grilled pizza! I had my doubts… decades of knowledge of how pizza crisps on stones in the oven was hard to overcome. After procrastinating through one box of grape tomatoes, I finally dove in with a small package of Martha White pizza dough mix (I’ll make my own from now on, it was nothing special), halved grape tomatoes and kalamata olives, a little olive oil, pressed garlic, red wine vinegar, and ground black pepper tossed lightly in a bowl.

The crust slid on the grill with ease of a little cornmeal and a fun new metal paddle from TPC. Grill covered for 5 minutes or so, flip and top with tomato/olive mixture, cover with fresh Parm and Mozz and 5 minutes later, you’re biting into a crusty pizza you’ve sprinkled with fresh basil from the garden.

It doesn’t get much better than that on a warm May night with the mullets jumping and a glass of wine on a moonless night and soft jazz playing in the background. Ahh…



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