This Servant Leader Listens, Teaches, Speaks


I love being a speaker, yes. At heart, though, I am a teacher and servant leader. Because my heart is a teacher’s heart, I’m always excited to share with others what I’ve learned along the way.  My talks, custom-designed to your church, organization or community, are flexible to fit your time frame.

Why am I passionate about speaking? The parable of the talents has always pricked my conscience.

Teaching and speaking are two things I do well, two talents God gave me to use. I want others to have what I have: faith in God Who loves us as softly as a puppy, as deeply as the farthest galaxy, and as closely as our favorite pair of jeans or yoga pants. I want the world to feel loved. His love.

What Does it Mean to be a Servant Leader?
speakingJesus and Mary taught us about being servants. What did they teach us? Why did God ask Cain: “Where is your brother, Abel?” Gen. 4:9.

In this speech topic, I’ll explore who should be a leader and the surprising answer of who should not.

Lessons from Women in the Bible

So few women are named in the Bible and yet, we can learn much from both what is said and not said about them. Using our imagination to enter their stories, we’ll use an ancient Jewish technique to garner wisdom from parables and stories. Leaning into our desire to know God, we gain faith enough to risk everything like Ester, to leave everything like Ruth, or bungle it occasionally like Martha.

Pray Like You’ve Never Prayed Before

For those with a dried up prayer life or who are simply bored with how they pray. In this talk, we explore ancient methods of praying that offer new pathways into intimacy with God. Participants will be introduced to a way to prove to themselves how God answers personal prayers. Choose one or two of the following for your group to experience and try for a single presentation. A retreat weekend is ideal to explore each one: lectio divina (sacred reading; centering prayer; prayer journaling; active prayer; the Jesus prayer; the Welcoming Prayer; and manual labor (labora et ora).

speaker Chris Manion with-Geralyn-NeelySpiritual Lessons from Writing a Book

I almost tripped over myself a hundred times in writing my book. The same lessons life’s been handing me in other ways showed up in writing just as they pop up in your life whichever way you turn. Lessons get repeated until they are learned, right? When it’s just you and your book, there’s nowhere else to point blame or find solutions. Life lessons and the stories behind them include:

  • It’s all about me, isn’t it?
  • How the prison chapter became part of the book and my Christian reaction.
  • Devilish obstacles to doing God’s work.
  • Cramming too much in. More is better, right? The American way: Super-sized?
  • I’m not qualified to do this: The old excuse that never worked for prophets or saints.


Dealing with the Problem of Difficult People

How do we create interior compassion for the undeserving?  How can we learn to like difficult people, those who irritate us?  I teach a technique to sneak compassion, tolerance, and mercy into our hearts when they threaten to rain aggravation on others. A quick fix to restore the kind dispositions God gave us. “What if…” scenarios. How to use intercessory prayer wisely. And a practical session in the Welcoming Prayer to disarm the emotional control centers that we think rule us.

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