Time to Stop Being a Drip.

Posted by on Apr 5, 2012


We image God as if we created Him instead of vice versa.  We look for ways He is like us as parents look for signs of themselves in their children.  He tolerates all this.  He waits for us to shift our focus from ourselves to others, and ultimately to Him.


We are afraid of love because it is so big.  We close ourselves off from it like a faucet on a sink.  When we get brave or curious, we turn the handle on our heart a tiny twist to open enough for a small drip into the world.


Drips can be annoying after a while. Drip.  Drip. Drip.  That’s all most of us do.  Drip on one another.  You can’t wash your face very well with a few drips of water nor soothe a parched soul or heart thirsting for love.

We need to collectively open our faucets and let the love within us – which God endlessly supplies – pour out upon the parched earth and all who live upon it.  We need a flood of love that will sweep evil off its feet with a current fast and strong to prevent it from being able to pull itself out.  The flood is coming. This time, it is water of life, not of death.  Be not afraid.  Open your faucets!  Open your heart! 

The land and its people are parched.  You can bring them refreshment.  Open and let the water of life pour over you and into the world.  The water and Word do the work.  You simply open your heart… and stop being a drip.



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