I didn’t think I could do it. Become a Christian author. I mean, just how do you write about God?

Answer: with His help and grace.

It took years. It was getting too personal. God patiently encouraged me and somehow let me know I was to do it anyway. He never said His way was easy. He spoke about His yoke being easy. Yoke means together.

I’m a little scared. The book is so personal. But I’m excited, too, however, because I know I’m following God’s will by doing so and that, after all, is all that really matters.

33 pages of chapter outlines thumb tacked to my office wall showing handwritten notes as I edited

Chapter outlines on my office wall.

So I kept writing until I got it done with His grace, then combed the snarls out.  God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul is the result.

Ask your questions and share your stories in the comments. We all have stories about some connection or feeling God’s nearness. I’m pretty sure about that. We don’t know who to tell ’em to. Or we’ve tried and people rolled their eyes. Or made some excuse to get going somewhere. Anywhere. Rarely do we realize it is God making the crazy things in our life turn out the way they do. That’s part of the reason I became a Christian author. We all need someone to talk to who understands and shares what we’ve experienced. So we don’t feel so odd.

When good things happen, you may figure it was your lucky day or a happy twist of fate. It’s always God. He’s like the most loving parent always hovering over you to help you as you walk each day. You are worthy of God working in your life. Yes, you are. His mercy knows no end. I speak from experience. And there’s a whole Book of stories to confirm it. The Good Book.

I encourage you to share your grace-filled moments if the Holy Spirit moves you to do so. Share them on my blog. It may help others.

Christian author

God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul

If you don’t know my author friend, Ann Voskamp, her blog,a holy experience
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Look around and learn more about my journey while I wrote God’s Patient Pursuit of My Soul.


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