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I love speaking! With a background in theatre and a voice that many say they could listen to for hours, I thoroughly enjoy sharing these and other gifts God has given me. It makes me happy and energized. My teacher’s heart always finds new things to learn and pass along. Ask me to present what I’ve learned lately, and what God has put on my heart for others. God teaches us anew every day.

I almost fell to my knees after delivering THIS speech. My mother had died three months earlier. It took some help from my beloved husband to write the speech that would express in six minutes what took sixteen years to achieve. Thousands stood before me. I knew it was a rare teaching moment. Drawing on energy reserves that seemed to come from my toes, my knees buckled as I walked off the stage completely spent and at peace that I’d given all I had.

Many tears wet the faces of those in the reception line afterward. We had all felt grace that day.  The presence of the Lord was with us. That is my prayer for all speaking engagements to which I commit: that we fulfill Jesus’ deep prayer to His Father that we all be one. It starts with open minds and open hearts.

The parable of the talents has been a deeply felt calling for more than thirty years. To use all the talents God has given me to the best of my ability makes me joyful and satisfied. Sharing my story, my writing, my prayer life is one way to use those talents with and through Jesus and His Father and Spirit dwelling within me.

I want others to have what I have: trust in God Who loves us as enthusiastically as a puppy, as deeply as the farthest galaxy, and as closely as our favorite pair of jeans or yoga pants. I want the world to feel loved. His love.


How to Turn Coincidences into God-Incidences

Chris Manion speaking to a group

Speaker author Chris Manion

Audiences can prove to themselves that God is interested in them and is actively reaching out and responding to them. In this interactive presentation, Chris provides four easy action steps to prove to yourself that God is most definitely interested in you, that He answers your prayers, and if you know how to listen, that He’s speaking to you.

Pray Like You’ve Never Prayed Before


Has your prayer life dried up lately? Are you bored with how you pray? Do you wonder if you’ll ever hear God speak to you? In this talk, we explore ancient methods of praying that offer new pathways into intimacy with God. You will experience a way to prove to yourself how God answers your personal prayers. Event Planners choose one or two prayer tools for their group. This talk fits well into a retreat weekend and Conference Workshops: lectio divina (sacred reading); centering prayer; prayer journaling; active prayer; the Jesus prayer; the Welcoming Prayer; and manual labor.

speaker Chris Manion with-Geralyn-NeelySpiritual Lessons from Writing a Book

I almost tripped over myself a hundred times in writing my book. The lessons life hands you show up over and over again. Lessons get repeated until they are learned. When it’s just you and your book, there’s nowhere else to point blame or find solutions. Life lessons and the stories behind them include:

  • It’s all about me, isn’t it?
  • How the prison chapter became part of the book and my Christian reaction.
  • Devilish obstacles to doing God’s work.
  • Cramming too much in. More is better, right?
  • I’m not qualified to do this: The old excuse that never worked for prophets or saints.


Dealing with the Problem of Difficult People

How do we create interior compassion for the undeserving?  How can we learn to like difficult people, those who irritate us?  In this presentation, you will learn how to sneak compassion, tolerance, and mercy into your heart when your button gets pushed.  Audiences will learn how to use “What if…” scenarios and intercessory prayer to avoid unprofessional or unkind responses to difficult people. Bonus: practical session in the Welcoming Prayer teaches audiences how to disarm your emotional control centers.

What the Voice of God Sounds Like

Everyone wants to know if God is speaking to them. Audiences will learn from Chris’ stories how God speaks in different ways and how to discern who’s voice they’re listening to?

Why Things Come in Threes

  • Three Obstacles to Praying You Can Avoid
  • Three Ways I love to Pray
  • Three Ways God Speaks to Us Today

Additional Topics

Baby Steps I Took in Growing a Successful Business

How to Be a Servant Leader

7 Ways to Pray: Exercise Your Faith Muscle

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