Yay! You made it! You found this space.

Where Love abides with God’s good grace.

Where peace prevails. Where Spirit sails.

Where kindness lives and hearts forgive.front-cover-stock-photo

Where gifts of leadership collect

to shine God’s light with great respect.


Integrity on bended knee bows low before the Trinity.

We celebrate truths small and great while heaven we anticipate.

God’s Kingdom come and will be done until we all learn to be one.


Those who resist we pray for you.

You’re welcome here. God loves you, too!

What matters is not how we live

but more the attitude we give.


He sees your hair, your shoes, your dress.

He doesn’t see you as file-sep-17-2-53-32-pma mess.

He mostly wants to sit and talk

To live with you, to take a walk.


Relationship is what He seeks

Inside your heart is where He speaks.

Come in! Come in!

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